Continuing our theme for the week . . .

So you’ve decided it’s time for a change – now what?

Deciding it’s time to do something different is relatively easy. Deciding what to do can be another matter entirely.

Here are a few thoughts that can help:

Career tests – Career tests can be either skills tests or personality tests. A good career test, like the Myers-Briggs personality test, can provide not only suggested career paths, but an explanation of why those careers would work for you.

What’s right?/What’s wrong? – It’s also a good idea to take a few minutes and think through what you have liked or disliked about previous jobs or classes. Don’t worry too much about field or subject – clerking it clerking no matter what the paperwork says. Instead think about what projects you enjoyed – organizing? writing? working with your hands? Whether you preferred to work alone or in a group, etc. What didn’t you enjoy? Did you hate being put in charge of a project, or auditing last years paperwork? Figuring out what you liked and didn’t like can help you figure out what career you’ll enjoy in the future.