I do hope this goes without saying – but if you’re changing careers, you really need to think about changing your resume as well.

While you may know the work you’ve done has given you experience in managing small groups, writing reports or keeping track of expenses, that may not be obvious to an employer in a different career, with different assumptions and expectations. You can’t expect them to be familiar enough with your old career track to know the skills and experience it provided.

When rewriting your resume for a career change, make sure that you first cut out all the background clutter that isn’t explicitly relevant to your new career.

Of course, the correlation to that is to state, very explicitly, what makes your relevant experience . . . well, relevant!

Remember every step of the way – don’t assume the employers knows anything about your prior career. Explain in your objective why the career change is a good move for you, and how their company is a good one for you to move to. Explain in your experience how what you have done is relevant to your new career. Explain, explain, explain.

And don’t forget: Explain! 😉