Anyone remember the first rule of advertising from yesterday?

Grab Attention
This is one of two key ideas for formatting your resume – the second should be obvious, but isn’t always –

Keep your Resume Readable
Too much clutter may grab attention, but if it isn’t clear cut and easily readable, all that grabbing attention will get you is first spot on the line to the shredder.

For some truly insane and eye catching resumes, not all of which follow rule #2, take a look here.

Now, most of those resumes are designed for artistic or gtraphics industries – making the visual cacophony of some of them more acceptable to their market.

But some of the examples on that site suggest ideas that can work for any job seeker – displaying job experience as a time line, or skills in a bar graph will definitely grab attention, and if done well can be easily readable to the employer. Adding simple visual elements, like using an industry relevant image as the bullet point for a list of skills (telephone for telecommunications, stethescope for medical field, red check mark for education – I’d steer away from dollar signs for acounting – but that’s a personal opinion).

One simple way to make your resume stand out visually is to use different colored paper. A beige or off white paper is easy to read, and stands out in a sea of white paper.

How have you made your resume a visual stand out?