The second point I brought up Monday’s post was Truth in Advertising.

If your resume is your self-advertisement, it can be very tempting to . . . buff up the picture a bit. Add a bit of shine. White wash those black marks.

If you do, you are setting yourself up for some major problems. Just like there are rules about companies lying in their tv commercials, there are rules about job seekers lying in their resumes.

But no one likes write a resume with major gaps in employment, minimal work experience or other problems.

So what can you do?

Try being truthful. If you took a few years off from work to raise a family, include it in your experience – Position: Home maker, responsibilities included managing budget, preparing meals, planning and managing family events, caring for 2 children. As usual. don’t worry about detailing experience that isn’t relevant to the job your currently applying for, but a lot of what goes into making a home is experience that can be useful in several different job fields.

College clubs are can be good experience also. Treasurer for the sci-fi Movie Club may not sound like much, but if the position required handling all the administrative work the college required for the club to be authorized, it can definitely count. Head of costuming department for a theater group requires strong organizational skills, managing and ordering supplies, keeping time tables and schedules, staying with in budget and a high level of multitasking – in addition to being good with a needle.

You may not be able to create the perfect resume telling the truth – but by being creative and expanding beyond traditional experience and skills, you can do your resume a whole lot of good.