While the job market is finally improving in the US, even the most qualified applicants are still having trouble finding jobs. Which means someone would have to be crazy to go job hunting unless they absolutely had to, right? And if you are out of work – isn’t it better to grab the first thing that comes your way?

Not entirely. Whether you  are employed, and want to find a job that suits you better then your current position, or are umemployed and need to pay the bills, making the effort to look for a job that matches your needs and qualifications can be worth it.

No one has a magic formula for finding the perfect job, but there is alot of good information and advice available. This blog is here to pull that information together as a one-stop-shop for job hunting goodies. We will be linking to advice columns, employment news, tips and tricks pages, other blogs, and anything else we think can help you in your hunt for the perfect job.

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