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Hello again.

This week is going to be all about resumes – what they are, different kinds, how to write them and more.

To start us off, here is a selection of articles and blogs that are great references for any resume writer –

Resume Articles
Best Resume Writing Tips – The name says it fairly well.

Resume Mapper – Link and information on a very useful resume tool.

6 Questions – Thoughts and advice on brain storming before starting work on your resume.

Resume Templates – If you work better with firm guidelines, check out info on resume templates, to help you color within the lines!

Cover Letters – An Essential Part of Every Resume Package – Because a resume by itself isn’t enough.

Resume Blogs
Blue Sky Resumes – a blog that focuses on everything about resumes.

Write Powerful Resumes – another resume blog by a wonderful writer.

Job Mob – This link is to a specific post on a more general blog that introduces some very unique and interesting ways of creating a resume.

Well, see you tomorrow, when we start with the bare basics – What Are Resumes – And Why Do They Matter?


As always, there is a lot more information and advice available then I can dish out! Check out these other sources:

Career change advice, suggestions, tips and resources for job seekers and those interested in a career change.

Cool Careers: If you are thinking about a career change, this site will help you find the information you need, from career advice to job search techniques, from student …

USAA: Changing careers? Our Changing Jobs Checklist helps make the process seamless. Learn more today.

All Business: If you’ve felt stalled in your career lately, you’re not alone. Many workers, faced with layoffs, changing technologies or corporate re-engineering have …

As I’ve mentioned before, there is a lot of great info available for job hunters. Here are a few good blogs you may not have come across before.

Get that Job Online is a long running blog covering offering job hunting advice, links to useful information and coverage of the economic situation.

george’s employment blawg is written by St. Louis labor and employment lawyer George Lenard. In it he covers employment law, working trends, career and job hunt information and the labor market.

The Labor and Employment Law Blog stopped adding new posts last June, but for three years it provided information on labor and hiring laws for HR reps and managers. I think it’s just as important, if not more important for a job hunter to know this information than an HR rep. You can’t protect yourself if you don’t know your rights and responsibilities.

Finally, Breakout Resumes focuses, as its name suggests on resume advice and interviews, but touches on all aspects of a job search.

Hi everyone, and thanks for stopping by.

This blog is going to cover alot of ground eventually, but like any blog just starting up, for the first few weeks, there won’t be too much here.

So I thought I good way to start things off would be by covering alot of ground in a different way. So here is (drum roll please) Job Hunting Resources, Part 1.

Job Listings
It’s hard to hunt for a job without knowing where to look. The best known job hunting sites are of course Monster, Career Builder and Yahoo! Hot Jobs. A few others that are just as good but not as well known are:
Indeed – a metasearch engine that searches other job listing sites as well as company pages and newspapers.
Simply Hired – allows you to rank job listings and over time learns exactly what you are looking for.
Snag a Job – one of the few job listing sites that focuses on hourly and part time jobs

Job Hunting Weblogs
Even if this blog was years old rather then days, I’m not the end all be all of job advice – there are a lot of other blogs that can help with your job hunt too. I suggest you check out:
The Simple Job Search
One Day, One Job – advice on finding entry level jobs for recent grads
Tools4Careers – a relatively new blog with some good ideas and advice
Jennifer Anthony’s Blog – one of the top resume writers in the country shares her experience and insight

Career Assessment Tests
Is your industry not hiring and you don’t know where to go? Looking to change career paths? Take a few minutes to take one of these career tests – they may point you in a new direction.
Career Path
Career Test
Career Test and Personality Profiler

Well, that is all for today – see you tomorrow!

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