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Hello again.

This week is going to be all about resumes – what they are, different kinds, how to write them and more.

To start us off, here is a selection of articles and blogs that are great references for any resume writer –

Resume Articles
Best Resume Writing Tips – The name says it fairly well.

Resume Mapper – Link and information on a very useful resume tool.

6 Questions – Thoughts and advice on brain storming before starting work on your resume.

Resume Templates – If you work better with firm guidelines, check out info on resume templates, to help you color within the lines!

Cover Letters – An Essential Part of Every Resume Package – Because a resume by itself isn’t enough.

Resume Blogs
Blue Sky Resumes – a blog that focuses on everything about resumes.

Write Powerful Resumes – another resume blog by a wonderful writer.

Job Mob – This link is to a specific post on a more general blog that introduces some very unique and interesting ways of creating a resume.

Well, see you tomorrow, when we start with the bare basics – What Are Resumes – And Why Do They Matter?

Continuing our theme for the week . . .

So you’ve decided it’s time for a change – now what?

Deciding it’s time to do something different is relatively easy. Deciding what to do can be another matter entirely.

Here are a few thoughts that can help:

Career tests – Career tests can be either skills tests or personality tests. A good career test, like the Myers-Briggs personality test, can provide not only suggested career paths, but an explanation of why those careers would work for you.

What’s right?/What’s wrong? – It’s also a good idea to take a few minutes and think through what you have liked or disliked about previous jobs or classes. Don’t worry too much about field or subject – clerking it clerking no matter what the paperwork says. Instead think about what projects you enjoyed – organizing? writing? working with your hands? Whether you preferred to work alone or in a group, etc. What didn’t you enjoy? Did you hate being put in charge of a project, or auditing last years paperwork? Figuring out what you liked and didn’t like can help you figure out what career you’ll enjoy in the future.

I have frequently been amazed, appalled, and horrified at some of the interviews I have conducted.

Ladies and gentlemen, while not generally considered a tool for a job hunter, I commend to your attention a good ettiquette guide. Miss Manners is the classic of these, but many good examples exist and can be found in your local book store or library.

In the mean time, please consider the following recommendations:

  • Turn off your cell phone. Or if you must leave it on, set it on silent – NOT vibrate. And please don’t pull it out to check in the middle of the interview.
  • Take a shower the morning of the interview, and wear clean clothes.
  • Remember what your mother taught you – don’t interrupt, and say thank you before you leave.
  • Gum, breath mints, hard candy and anything else in your mouth should be swallowed or spit out before you arrive for the interview.
  • And don’t forget to be respectful.

Good luck!

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